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Unlike big cities, where children get a chance to study arts or go on school trips, small towns don’t provide such opportunities. Children tend to spend more time on the streets and are exposed to people who can have bad influence on them. They often neglect their talents and end up spending most of their free time playing video games.

While working on this project, we met people who are willing to make changes to this tendency.

It took us about two months to conduct a research and to finalise the concept. We analysed relevant case studies, selected the best solutions and adapted them to our target audience. The biggest challenge was that the brand was supposed to represent safety and reliability to parents, and at the same time be interesting to children. During our research we interviewed a number of parents in small towns in order to understand the problems their children face in ordinary schools. The collected data helped us to better understand the issues we were addressing in order to form a strong brand foundation.

Meet “Wise Up!”

“Wise Up” is an after-school development program designed for 6 to 16 year old children. “Wise Up” provides a solid foundation for children to improve their learning skills and creates a “home-away-from-home” environment where each child gets enough attention and support.

On the school naming stage, we chose an informal English phrase “Wise up”, which means, “becoming smart, aware, and sophisticated.” This verb makes the right impression and easily turns into a motto. The project covers the following countries: Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova, and Georgia.

Besides the generic education, “Wise Up” offers other activities such as sports, art lessons, school trips, Summer camps and career orientation courses.

In order to create a brand that would be used by children, we felt that we had to learn to speak their language. For this reason, we visited a local school and talked to the students there. As it turned out later, it was a wise decision, since the school visit inspired us to create this design.

Our logo is a kite, the symbol of freedom and childhood. It has a simple streamlined shape that can be easily transformed into an exclamation mark. Hence, it became a part of the school’s name. Choosing the colours was fairly easy, as we asked children to help. We gave them colouring pages with the logo design and let them express themselves. When they finished we picked the most used colours and then chose the ones that formed the best combination.

The brand’s logo appears on all stationary used at the school: rulers, notebooks, pencils etc and even within interior e.g. on café’s walls. We wanted to create a community spirit for children. Being part of something big and beautiful is extremely important for every child.

We are confident that the children studying in this school will also be satisfied with its brand and content.